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The Future in Healthcare

Over the past century, improved hygiene and better access to medicine and health services, have contributed to tremendous progress in global health and immense improvements in survival rates. However, the medicalised model, that focuses in treating disease inside the hospital settings, is recognised as not effective enough in preventing disease. 

Nowadays, the challenge is to move away from sickness to health and to effectively manage the threat of the so-called lifestyle related conditions, such as heart diseases, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, different types of cancer, diabetes, obesity and stress.

The realisation that better health results will be achieved not by treating disease but through preventing it, has swung the pendulum from hospital-based care back to the community. Investing in communities is considered as one of the most effective ways to improve health in the long term and it consists a sustainable model that means better environmental conditions (air quality, green cities) and health literacy to shape healthy individual’ behaviour (healthy eating habits, exercise, smoking cessation, weigh management). 

Developing healthy communities also involves access to quality education, safe and healthy homes, adequate employment, transportation, and quality health care. Shifting away from hospital and building health communities means empowering individuals to invest in their own health and well-being by reaching their full physical and mental potential.


Smart Health Community

The shift from treating disease to preventing it presupposes an overall shifting in the way of thinking. It means change in behavior and adoption of habits that promote healthy living.

One of the most crucial determinants of individuals’ behavior is the community, which has the power to influence various aspects of health and wellbeing, like physical activity and eating habits, obesity rates, anxiety levels and overall happiness.

People in the 21st century are highly educated and well-informed, while the rise of technological advancements allows them to use tools to act proactively and maintain their wellbeing which extends beyond physical health to include mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. Technological means also enable people to act independently and evaluate their choices when it comes to health-related decisions. People today actively participate in the health system. They demand transparency, convenience and access, and they are more likely to engage in preventive behaviors.

Smart Health Communities is the new international trend that allows people to take the control of their health and encourages prevention and wellbeing outside of the traditional medical system.

MyCuris® following this concept, brings people together empowering them to proactively manage their health and wellbeing and fostering a sense of community and belonging. It incorporates a hybrid model that combines physical with digital provision and uses data meaningfully for better outcomes. As a result, a new and innovative health ecosystem is being developed, which is not separated from people’s everyday lives.




How it Works

Set up your account

Choose the right package, which best accommodate your personal needs and set up your account.

Personalize your account

Complete your personal health profile and upload your medical records to create your online health archive.

Experience virtual care

Access a virtual space connecting you with medical professionals from all around the world at the comfort of your own place. Avoiding the hassle of getting to the hospital or to the healthcare professional’s office, you can request for an online consultation.

Gain quick and easy access to services

Request for physical services for care, treatment, or diagnostic purposes (available only in Cyprus).

Enhance your wellbeing

A handful of the digital tools to better manage your health and wellbeing.

Always be assisted

Your health advocate is ready to offer a personalized assistance and guidance to support you in any health need.






- access to the digital platform

- personal and medical profile

- electronic health records

- digital tools for better management health and wellbeig status



- all Bronze package features 

- personal health advocate

- access to telemedicine

- health academy

- Gloabal Emergency Assistance 



- all Silver package features 

- Unlimited Second Medical Opinion

- Health Concierge Services



Through MyCuris® companies can create their corporate health community helping them in cultivating a culture of health. Corporate offering may vary depending on the specific characteristics of each organization. Be in touch for further information.

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